Size Guide

Snap-on Triangle Bandana Sizing:

XS - Up to 11" Neck

S - Up to 13" Neck

M - Up to 15" Neck

L - Up to 17" Neck

XL - Up to 19" Neck 

*Custom sizes available by request* 


How to Measure your Pet's Neck: 

Gently measure your pup's neck with a soft measuring tape. Leave two fingers of room in between. When in doubt, size up. 


Picking the Right Bandana Size:

Always measure your pup's neck to ensure that you are purchasing the correct size. Also take into consideration your pet's fluff, if they are fluffier - they may need to size up for comfort and more print visibility. (Sizing vary from shop to shop so do not base your choice on other shops)

If your pup's neck size is right at the recommended cut off, we recommend you size up and adjust the fit accordingly by folding the top down however many times before snapping it on. 


Hair Bow Sizing:

Sailor Bow: 3.5" across

Small Circle Bow: 3.5" across

Knotted Bow: 4" across

*Custom sizes available by request* 


Putting It On Your Pup:

We recommend tying your pup's hair with an elastic first and then clip the hair bow onto it to ensure security.





All of our products are handmade so, they may vary slightly. This includes the color, pattern placement, size and shape. This means no two items are exactly the same which makes the products super unique just for you!